Pollinator Garden Top 5


Providing flowering plants (and host plants) is the most significant action you can take to support Pollinators. Adult Bees, butterflies and other pollinators require nectar as their primary food source.

Whether a pot on your porch, a hanging basket or a garden, you can be part of the solution. Plant one plant or 10 plants and join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.

Register online to Bee Counted at HomesteadGardens.com/BEEHERO.

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Perennials to Attract Butterflies

Asclepias – Milkweed and Butterfly Weed (H & N)July-AugFull Sun/Light Shade
Baptisia – False Blue Indigo (H)May-JuneFull Sun/Light Shade
Lobelia – Red and Blue Cardinal Flower (N)June-JulyFull Sun/Light Shade
Chelone glabra – Turtlehead (H & N)Aug-SeptFull Sun/Light Shade
Echinacea purpurea – Purple Cone Flower (N)July-OctFull Sun/Light Shade

Perennials to Support Bees

Geraniums – CranesbillApril-MayPart Shade
Liatris – Blazing StarJune-JulyFull Sun/Light Shade
Chelone glabra – TurtleheadAug-SeptFull Sun/Light Shade
Rudbeckia – Black-eyed SusanJuly-SeptFull Sun/Light Shade
Pycnanthemum – Clustered Mountain MintJuly-SeptFull Sun/Light Shade

Perennials to Attract Hummingbirds

Monarda – Bee BalmMay-JulyFull Sun/Light Shade
Salvia – Meadow SageMay-JulyFull Sun/Light Shade
Lobelia – Red Cardinal FlowerJuly-SeptFull Sun/Light Shade
Phlox – Summer PhloxJuly-SeptFull Sun/Light Shade
Hosta – HostaJuly-SeptShade/Part Shade

Trees to Attract Pollinators

Acer – MapleApril-MaySun/Light Shade
Cercis – RedbudApril-MaySun
Amelanchier – ServiceberryAprilSun/Light Shade
Malus – CrabappleAprilSun

Shrubs to Attract Pollinators

BlueberryAprilSun/Light Shade
Pieris – Japanese AndromedaApril-MayShade
RaspberryApril-MaySun/Light Shade
Pachysandra procumbensApril-MayShade
Aesulus Pavia – Red BuckeyeApril-MaySun

Annuals to Attract Pollinators

Carrot (H)Spring/FallFull Sun/Light Shade
HeliotropeSummerFull Sun/Light Shade
PansySpring/FallFull Sun/Light Shade
SnapdragonSummerFull Sun/Light Shade
StrawberrySummerFull Sun/Light Shade

Herbs to Support Pollinators

Parsley (H)Spring/FallFull Sun/Light Shade
RosemaryApril-MayFull Sun/Light Shade
LavenderSummerFull Sun/Light Shade
Dill (H)Spring/FallFull Sun/Light Shade
Fennel (H)Spring/FallFull Sun/Light Shade


N = Nectar
H = Host

Sun/Light Shade = Full sun or at least 4-6 hours of sun including afternoon sun
Shade/Part Shade = All shade with up to 4-6 hours of sun, but NO afternoon sun