Pollinator Gardening

What qualifies as a “pollinator garden”? Is my garden large enough? These are both great questions! Anything from as small as a window box or container garden to as large as an entire landscape can qualify!

The only requirement is that the plants used provide nectar and pollen sources. Visit Homestead Gardens’ perennial department and check out the Pollinator Cafe for a vast selection of pollinator friendly plants.

Click to see this month’s ‘Pollinator Palette’ – 3 featured pollinator friendly perennials to start or add to your existing pollinator garden.

Pollinator gardens may incorporate flowering annuals and perennials, ground covers, shrubs, and trees. Click to see our top 5 favorite pollinator friendly plants in each of these categories & more…


A Pollinator Garden Should…

  • use plants that provide pollen or nectar sources.
  • provide a water source (damp sponge, birdbath, shallow pan etc.)
  • be in a sunny area with windbreaks to make it easier to visit flowers
  • create large “pollinator targets” of native or non-invasive plants
  • establish continuous bloom throughout the growing season


Dig in & Share Your Success!

Experiment with a window box, porch patio containers, one or many garden beds, and observe the results that your efforts have in attracting pollinators!

Share your photos with us on social media using #HGBeeHero.