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Stressed? Head to the garden!

woman walking through tulip field

Avid gardeners have long known that working the soil is good for you mentally and physically, and now a new study proves it. The National Institutes of Health report that a study looked into the …

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Rose Care 101: Tip for Planting and Tending roses

Knock Out Roses in Landscape

Roses are one of the most beloved flowers due to its beautiful bloom, fragrant scent and cultural significance. From coast to coast, these stunners can make a wonderful addition to your yard.

To help your …

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Brighten up your yard with early-blooming spring flowers

If you’re longing for spring to come early, you’re not the only one. The good news is, you don’t have to wait for summer to brighten up your yard. There are many varieties of early-blooming …

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Attracting birds to your backyard in the winter

Birds look even more beautiful in the winter, their colorful feathers contrasting with the blanket of snow. Dozens of different winter birds can stop by your feeder for a visit — cardinals, woodpeckers, finches, jays, …

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Winter gardening tips: 6 things you can do now

You’ve given your garden tender loving care during the spring, summer and fall. There’s no reason to stop now! There’s plenty of winter gardening to do, from prepping your perennials for spring to tending to …

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Is it twinkle time? Try these unusual holiday lighting ideas at home

The soft glow, the magical twinkle, the warm ambiance: String lights and the holiday season go hand in hand. Traditional outdoor displays never go out of style, but this year you can add to your …

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Which type of fertilizer should I use?

Do your neighbors’ yards always look greener and more plush than yours? If you’re left wondering what you’re doing wrong, there’s probably an easy answer: Fertilizer.
Fertilizer provides a boost of nutrients that supercharges …

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Plant these in your yard to achieve year-round color

Make your yard alive with color, even in the late fall and early winter when things are dying back, by choosing some of these hardy plants.
Golden Smoke Tree: By summer, …

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Vegetable plants that thrive in the fall

fall vegetable garden harvest

Do you think you’ve reached the finale for your garden? Think again. You’re just entering the third act! Autumn is a wonderful time of year to plant and grow vegetables; you just have to be …

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Big or small space, these backyard birding tips will attract feathered friends

Gardening and birding go hand in hand. If you love tending the soil or designing a stunning landscape, chances are you also love to see feathered friends visit your natural oasis. Fortunately, there are many …

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Avoid Bringing Pests into the Home & Garden

By: Philip Agar
The summer is nearing its end and the garden is looking at its very best. But as we get closer to the leaves changing colors, you may be thinking about how …

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Smart steps for designing a stunning and functional garden path

Garden pathways blend function and beauty. They can be practical, but add a sense of whimsy while enhancing the outdoor design aesthetic. Is it time you add one to your landscape?
Whether it’s a …

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How to safely keep pets from damaging your garden

puppy in garden

You wake up one morning to look out at your beautiful garden and admire your hard work. Suddenly you gasp in dismay — those beautiful flowerbeds and that stunning vegetable garden seem to have become …

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Herb gardening made easy

Imagine having a bounty of fresh, healthy flavors always within reach for any food you cook. When you start a home herb garden, you can have just that! Store-bought herbs are expensive and spoil quickly. …

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Advice for creating an inviting pollinator garden

Many reports have addressed the growing concern regarding declining bee populations throughout the United States. This is a big problem, but you can be part of the solution when you create a pollinator garden at …

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Tips for better soil quality

Is your grass looking a little sparse, garden not growing, or vegetable yields lower than expected? If so, poor soil quality might be to blame.
Having rich soil is critical to the healthy growth …

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Tips for growing and maintaining beautiful crapemyrtle

Crapemyrtle produces vivid flowers in a variety of colors, making it a favorite for numerous landscaping purposes. In Maryland and surrounding regions, it can be grown alone as a shrub or small tree, and when …

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How to keep your garden alive during a hot spell

The dog days of summer can get mighty toasty, and just as your garden is starting to thrive, the heat can cause those lovely leaves to wilt, or worse, get leaf scorch. You invest a …

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Collect rainwater to save money

collecting rainwater

Money may not grow on trees, but if you have a rain barrel, it sure does fall from the sky!
Collecting rainwater is a smart idea for many reasons. First, it cuts down on …

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Vines 101: Tips to make your garden grow up, down and all around

Varied and vivacious, vines are a wonderful addition to garden spaces. But before you add them to your landscape, you should do a little research to ensure your projects turn out beautifully.
There are …

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