Appreciating Grasses in Winter

Last week I showed my appreciation for hollies in winter.  This week it’s ornamental grasses that are catching my eye, especially this rooftop garden dominated by grasses.  I found it at the Sheraton Hotel at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, looking gorgeous even on a cloudy winter day.

Looks like a combination of an upright switch grass, with a fountain grass.

Throughout the garden, grasses are combined with compact shrubs – Abelia and Heleri Holly – and these playful, colorful statues.  Love it!

Now how about some more examples?  This next one’s in a much wilder location but shows how well Miscanthus stands up to snow.

Below, Miscanthus looks even better en masse.

Below, dried fountain grasses contrast perfectly with Inkberry hollies when they’re at their most colorful.  Here they fill the middle of a roundabout at the National Arboretum’s administration building.

At the National Arboretum, grasses with Inkberry Hollies.

Finally, a front garden in Takoma Park is lively all winter long, thanks to an abundance of grasses.

Switch grass 'Heavy Metal' in winter, with Nandinas.

Photo credits: All by Susan Harris except for Miscanthus in snow and below it, Miscanthus en masse.

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