Another fall stunner – Amsonia hubrichtii


Amsonia hubrichtii at the Scott Arboretum in November

Posted by Susan Harris

My absolute favorite perennial for late October, early November?  Amsonia hubrichtii, common name Willow Blue Star (though I’ve never seen anyone actually use that.  So I think in this case it’s Latin or nothing.)


  • Hardy to Zones 3-9.
  • Sun or partial shade, but there’s better bloom and height with sun.
  • Grows to 2-3 feet high and wide.
  • Flowers May-June.  Gives another major show in fall.


  • Established plants are reasonably drought-tolerant.
  • Some sources advise cutting it back to 6 to 8 inches after the blooms have faded to make it bushier and to prevent flopping, but I don’t know anyone who does that and I haven’t found it necessary.
  • Sources also say it can be divided in spring or fall but that it shouldn’t need it for many years.
  • It overwinters better if not cut back to the ground in fall, so wait til early spring to do that.

Amsonia hubrichtii in spring - not shabby, either

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