Add life and color to your dormant garden with fall annuals

When fall rolls around, it’s time for the unpleasant chore of yanking up the faded, scraggly blooms of summer. Luckily, there’s no need to tolerate empty pots and barren beds through the fall and winter. There are many fresh replacements grown right here in Davidsonville, Maryland, you can use to replenish your patio and garden with color and texture.

Mums: Gardeners lean on their ready blooms to bring a quick infusion of color to the yard. You can go hardcore autumnal with yellows, reds and oranges, or you can add cool dashes of purple and lavender. What we don’t always realize, though, is mums are actually perennials. If you planted them in the ground, keep them around so you can enjoy them again next year!

Veggies: Yes, even after the first frost, it’s possible to harvest fresh veggies right outside your back door. Things like broccoli, turnips, mustard, cauliflower, cabbage and greens are popular choices.

Ornamental kale and cabbage: They add a spot of much needed color and beauty, and even better, their colors deepen after the first frost. In a mild winter, they can potentially last until spring. Though edible, these are bred to be showy, so you’ll find their leaves are lacking in tenderness and flavor.

Pansies: Another fall favorite, their color hangs on and looks great, long after all the other blooms have said farewell for the season. Add a few to accent your fall container, or fill a flowerbed with a block of color.

Here’s another benefit to fall gardening: The plants need less water and weeding. Visit Homestead Gardens and discover the possibilities to brighten your landscape. Then plant and enjoy!