Add Life and Color to Your Dormant Garden with Fall Annuals



When fall rolls around and the air turns crisp, it’s time for the sometimes arduous task of uprooting the faded, scraggly blooms of summer. But fret not! In the picturesque town of Davidsonville, located in the heart of Maryland, there is an abundance of fresh, locally grown replacements waiting to breathe new life into your patio and garden. With a wide array of vibrant colors and captivating textures to choose from, you can easily transform your outdoor spaces into a delightful oasis throughout the fall and winter seasons. Embrace the beauty and serenity of nature with these exquisite plants that will infuse your surroundings with renewed charm and character.

Mums: Gardeners rely on the vibrant blooms of mums to inject a quick burst of color into their yards during the autumn season. You have plenty of choices to go all-in on a hardcore autumnal palette with dazzling shades of yellow, red, and orange. Alternatively, you can introduce cooler hues of purple and lavender for a more eclectic look. What many people may not know is that mums are actually perennials, meaning that if you plant them in the ground, they will come back year after year, allowing you to enjoy their beauty once again!

Veggies: Believe it or not, even after the first frost hits, you can still harvest fresh and nutritious vegetables right from your own backyard. Varieties like broccoli, turnips, mustard greens, cauliflower, cabbage, and leafy greens are popular choices that thrive in cooler weather, ensuring a bountiful harvest throughout the season.

Ornamental kale and cabbage: Looking to add some much-needed vibrancy and charm to your garden? Ornamental kale and cabbage are just the ticket! Not only do they bring a splash of color, but their hues actually deepen and intensify after the first frost. In milder winter climates, they may even last well into the spring season. While they are technically edible, it’s worth noting that these varieties have been selectively bred for their ornamental value, resulting in leaves that may be tougher and less flavorful than their culinary counterparts.

Pansies: Another fall favorite, pansies are known for their remarkable resilience and ability to maintain their vibrant color long after other blooms have bid farewell for the season. Consider adding a few pansies as accents in your fall container, or create a stunning flowerbed featuring a block of captivating colors. These lovely flowers are sure to bring joy and beauty to your outdoor space.

And here’s an added bonus to fall gardening: the plants generally require less watering and maintenance, making it a more manageable and enjoyable experience. So, why not embark on a visit to Homestead Gardens and discover an array of possibilities to brighten and enhance your landscape? With a wide selection of plants and expert advice, you can create a picture-perfect autumn garden to be enjoyed for months to come. Start planting and embrace the beauty of the season!