Whether you’re a church looking for high quality flowers to decorate for Easter, or a school or non-profit group looking for a creative approach to fundraising, Homestead Gardens has the answer.


Homestead Gardens is dedicated to supporting our church, non-profit, and business community by offering discounted holiday flowers, just as we have always done. This exclusive program features specially ordered items that go beyond what is available in our retail stores. We understand the desire to adorn your surroundings with the beauty of the season. With Homestead Gardens’ exquisite flowers and wreaths, success practically comes naturally. Moreover, the program empowers you to determine your own profits. Take advantage of the esteemed reputation and popularity of the Homestead name to help your organization achieve its fundraising goals with ease!


Are you looking for a fresh, creative approach to raising money?

The Homestead Gardens’ seasonal fundraising program provides your school, church or non-profit group with low, wholesale pricing on flowers and plants which offers fantastic advantages over traditional fundraisers:

• Allows you to set your own price for resale
• Offers a low minimum order
• Offers a recognizable local product long-associated with quality
• Allows you to sell a superior product at the height of the season
• Attracts customers without the hard-sell
• Offers product that is ready for immediate distribution
• Flexibility to offer your customers a smaller, more focused choice of product or a broader, larger selection

Easter Lilies - Easter

Strong, compact plants have lustrous, dark green foliage, which contrasts beautifully with the crown of fragrant, pure white blossoms. Available with 1 stem (5–7 blooms), 2 stems (10+ blooms) or 3 stems (15+ blooms).

Azaleas - Easter

Favorite spring flowers in bright, red, pink, and white colors to complement Easter lilies for a vivid display.

Tulips - Easter

We have a beautiful selection of 6" tulips available in vibrant shades of red, sunny yellow, and soft pink.

boston fern

Boston Ferns - Easter

Full, lush ferns in hanging baskets add an elegant touch while brightening indoor spaces.

Hydrangeas - Easter

Choose from our exquisite collection of 6" Hydrangeas in captivating shades of blue, pristine white, or delicate pink.

yellow mum picture

Mums - Easter

We have a selection of 6 mums available in various colors including white, yellow, lavender, or a mixed case.

Hyacinth - Easter

We have a beautiful 6" hyacinth plant available in three delightful colors: white, pink, and blue. !

Poinsettias - Christmas

Poinsettias are synonymous with Christmas and are a sure sign that the holiday season has begun . Displayed alone or in groups, they add a festive splash of color to any holiday décor. Although red is the most popular color, we also offer white, pink, and marble plants.

Double Faced Balsam Wreaths - Christmas

Double-Faced Balsam Wreaths have bunches of balsam built around both sides of the wreath ring. Our wreaths are available in two options: simple wreaths or exquisitely decorated with elegant bows and natural cones. Comes in 20-22”

Single-Faced Noble Fir Wreaths - Christmas

We offer exquisite single-faced Noble fir wreaths, meticulously crafted with the finest materials. Choose from our stunning collection of wreaths, available either as wreaths only or beautifully adorned with elegant bows and natural cones. Available in 24", 36", 48" and 60" sizes

White Pine Roping - Christmas

White Pine Roping has long, soft needles which give it an elegant , wispy appearance and makes for beautiful, versa tile Christmas Garlands! Our roping carries the soft scent of pine, filling your home or office space with the fragrance of Christmas.

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Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 410-798-5000 and dial ext. 2200 for customer service (10am-5pm) to learn more about our fundraising program