5 plants to keep your office space and ideas fresh

Houseplants do more than simply brighten a space and assist with the feng shui of a room. Plants help clean indoor air, boost overall health and even tend to improve memory. According to a University of Michigan study, simply being in the presence of plants can increase memory retention up to a whopping 20 percent. Now that is something you can tangibly leverage to improve your productivity at the office.

Whether you are in a cubicle or have your own corner office, fresh air and natural light tend to be few and far between in the workplace. In your attempt to get all the benefits of having a plant in your workspace, you may end up feeling like you’ve added another project to your workload. To avoid plant-care burnout, give these low-maintenance houseplants a chance to help increase your brainpower:

  • Money plant – Considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity, these are essential in your office space. With low light requirements and only weekly watering, you will be able to admire this unique bonsai without distracting yourself too much from your to-do list. The week of February 4, we will have a new selection of money plants. But get yours quickly, they tend to sell fast!
  • Cactus – Not much of a green thumb? A cactus garden is a great focal point and about as low-maintenance as you can get.
  • Pothos – These hearty plants make great starter plants. They are adaptable to bright indirect light, but also thrive in shade. They grow in dry soil or vases of water. Pothos can even withstand the occasional neglect when you take your week long vacation to the Bahamas.
  • English Ivy – Another climbing plant, ivy makes for a beautiful centerpiece in the office. And these leaves can help save your health as well. According to tests at the University of Georgia, English ivy is particularly efficient at absorbing volatile organic compounds which are airborne pollutants spewed by computers and office machinery. These tend to be the common causes of headaches and nausea in the office – not your cube mate’s overzealous perfume use.
  • Lemon balm – If you want a fresh scent that will keep your mind stimulated, reach for a lemon balm plant. According to research at Ohio State University, lemon improves people’s mood by raising their levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to mood and behavior.