5 Beautiful Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

Whether its nosey neighbors or high street traffic, there are plenty of reasons to add privacy to your home. Yet, it can be challenging to add privacy measures that are easy on the eyes. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise on the overall appearance of your garden with our tips on creating beautiful privacy barriers. Check out some ways you can peacefully enjoy your own backyard without anyone peeking in! 

Grow a living fence 


If you want a cheaper and a greener alternative to building a regular fence, planting a hedge is the perfect solution. Hedges will not only make your home more environmental friendly, but they will also provide a naturally attractive buffer from the outside world. Plus, these plants are low maintenance all year round! We recommend knock out roses, laurels, hollies and arborvitae hedge plants to start your live fence! 

Strategically placed water features

Water Fountains

For those who struggle with loud noise, we suggest adding a sound barrier to your garden with a water feature. Having a running fountain or small pond can incorporate movement to any backyard as well as minimizing any street traffic. Their soothing sounds will offset any outside commotion so you can relax at home in solitude. 


Build a vertical plant wall

Building a garden wall is the perfect DIY project to create an aesthetically pleasing privacy screen. Especially for home owners that are looking to utilize tight areas, a vertical plant barrier allows you to grow your plant collection without sacrificing space. It also can mask an unappealing fence or wall that already exists. We suggest a herb garden or tall and bushy plants that can maximize the potential to conceal your outside space. Plants such as Evergreen trees, Italian Cypress, Oleander, Skyrocket, Gold Cone and Emerald are perfect for a vertical plant wall. 

Construct a trellis or a pergola 

19 Beautiful Trellis Fence and Screen Ideas to Turn Your Yard into a  Private Escape | Better Homes & Gardens

Adding a trellis or pergola structure to your backyard increases property value to your house for so many reasons beyond its attractive appearance. They can increase the amount of time you are able to spend in the summer heat by providing you with protection from the sun. It’s features offer shade for enjoyable outdoor relaxation and fun.  In addition, these structures come in many size and shapes that can be personalized for any unique landscape, while adding eloquence and definition to your backyard. Moreover, Pergolas and Trellises can also support climbing plants that can’t stand on their own.  Flower vines like Honeysuckle, Moonflower, climbing Hydrangea and Black-Eyed Susan vine are perfect to use!

Add repurposed decorative panels

Love this - Privacy Fence made from old doors | Backyard fences, Fence  design, Outdoor

This is where you can show off your creativity by transforming objects around your home that are no longer in use to act as a vintage privacy barrier. The possibilities for repurposed design ideas are endless. For instance, you can affordably conceive a privacy screen by hanging curtains to create a drapery structure. On the other hand, you can repurpose an old door to add character to your garden. This idea allows you to incorporate your own personal touch! It’s all up to you! 

Now its time to implement our ideas so you can bask in the privacy of your garden!