3 tips for gardening with chickens

Many people assume chickens are only good for laying eggs and raising meat, but they actually bring so much more to the table! Chickens are a beneficial addition to any garden because they help fertilize soil, reduce the amount of insects in your backyard and can even till the soil with their claws. Before bringing these charming creatures to your backyard, be sure to research the different ways to grow a chicken-friendly garden. These three tips will help you get started. 

Grow plants specifically for the chickens to eat

Plant a variety of delicious herbs and vegetables near the coop and let your chickens eat until their heart’s content (or should we say stomach?)! Chickens love to nibble on plants, and it’s important to give your new pets food, so that they’re less tempted to snack on yours. 

Your chickens may still wander over to your vegetable garden; if that’s the case, fence off plants you want to keep for yourself. 

Fence off new plants until they mature 

When growing new plants, keep them fenced until they’re mature and strong. Young plants are easy to dig up, and your chickens might accidentally dig them out of the soil before the plants have a chance to grow. 

Limit the use of pesticides

To keep your chickens healthy and thriving, switch to organic products and gardening methods. Homestead Gardens recommends using Espoma or Dr. Earth products. Chickens naturally get rid of pests, so you might find you don’t need to use insecticide anyway.

Gardening with chickens is fun and beneficial! Contact your local Homestead Gardens to learn which plants your chickens will love to nibble on the most. 

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