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Some Like it Hot! Best Vegetables to Grow in the Heat

Best Vegetables to Grow in the Summer Heat

Summer may be thought of as gardening season, but for certain vegetables, midsummer is just too hot. Veggies like broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, as well as herbs such as cilantro and parsley, love the cool, …

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How to Plant a Pizza Garden

Plant Your Own Pizza Garden

You don’t have to live on a farm to grow your own food. A new trend called food-scaping combines edible gardening and landscaping to maximize beauty and productivity. If you’re new to food-scaping, a pizza …

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Introduce Your Kids to Gardening with 7 Unusual Plants

Introduce Kids to Gardening with Unusual Plants

“Plant a garden!” might not be the first thing your kids say when you ask them what they want to do on a Saturday afternoon, but it can be fun, and it has great benefits!  

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5 Herbs You Can Grow & Use at Your Next BBQ

5 Herbs Next BBQ

Homegrown herbs are a great way to make any backyard bbq special. They add a lot of flavor to your cooking and are sure to impress your guests!

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