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How to keep your garden alive during a hot spell

The dog days of summer can get mighty toasty, and just as your garden is starting to thrive, the heat can cause those lovely leaves to wilt, or worse, get leaf scorch. You invest a …

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Collect rainwater to save money

collecting rainwater

Money may not grow on trees, but if you have a rain barrel, it sure does fall from the sky!
Collecting rainwater is a smart idea for many reasons. First, it cuts down on …

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Vines 101: Tips to make your garden grow up, down and all around

Varied and vivacious, vines are a wonderful addition to garden spaces. But before you add them to your landscape, you should do a little research to ensure your projects turn out beautifully.
There are …

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Tips for attracting butterflies to your garden

It’s a simple pleasure to see butterflies bobble and float through the air before landing gently on a flower in your yard. If you’d like to attract more of these colorful critters, consider designing a …

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Try vertical gardening to brighten up small, dreary spaces

For those with the smallest outdoor space, it can be hard to see the possibilities to cultivate green and growing things. But even walls, tall fences and small patios can be beautified by nature‚Äôs touch. …

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All About Monarchs

Where do monarchs lay their eggs?
The butterfly lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves of the milkweed plant. If there is no milkweed, there can be no monarchs.

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