Homestead Gardens Spring Open House for Green Drinks

Seasonal Cooking with Rita Calvert~The Local Cook 

From Annapolis Green’s The Line: “Homestead welcomed us to its Spring Open House, and it was full of beautiful flowers. Thank you to Tim Hamilton, CEO Brian Riddle and staff for making our event a great success and for the 20% off coupons which are good through next week! It pays to be a Green Drinker with wonderful partners like Homestead.” We do mean it and every “green” event at Homestead Gardens draws the crowds, as you can see. We just have a really good time in a lush green setting! The theme for the eve was the quality of your/our local watershed.

200+ Green Drinkers fill the space at Homestead Gardens

Founders Lynne Foresman and Elvia Thompson (from the left) with some devoted Green Drinker regulars

 Green Drinkers are also Sustainable Eaters-100% Grassfed Meatballs compliments of Honey’s Harvest Market and Deli (Herrington Harbor South)





 Killarney House served their infamous Tomato Whisky Soup and Shepherd’s Pie






Green Drinks/Annapolis Green is a big BIG advocate for recycling. These self-explanatory recycle stations abound at festivals and meetings throughout our region.



Best of all was the scenery-sprightly festive greenery, edibles, flowers and landscaping vignettes shining in every nook and cranny.


The newly expanded cafe in Davidsonville



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