Gene’s Winter Tips

Juggling Your Safety with Eco-Safety

Remember not to use fertilizers, such as urea, as ice melts on your driveway and sidewalk areas.  First, it is now against the law in Maryland to do that, as the fertilizer will likely wash into the street storm drains and promote nitrogen-induced “algae bloom” that will hurt the Chesapeake Bay plants and wildlife. 

Winter Pest Control

Insect pests and mites that find they cannot live or stay active in extreme outdoor cold find a new lease on life by moving indoors and then will turn their full attention to your houseplants.  Keep an eye on houseplant health and be sure to treat any pest problems you encounter as soon as you discover them.  Be sure to use pesticides that are safe to use indoors and please be sure to read and follow all directions and caution for their use.

Winter Plant Damage 

With the extremely cold temperatures and wind chills, winter garden problems are most likely to occur.  Be out and about in your garden frequently to see if any broadleaf evergreen shrubs are experiencing cold damage to their leaves and branches or if recently-installed container plants are not experiencing “heaving.