Garden Rewards at Homestead Gardens

Join the ALL NEW Garden Rewards program!

Garden Rewards – As a Garden Rewards member, you can earn Garden Reward points on all your retail purchases throughout the year every time you use your card! You’ll earn one point for every $1.00 of goods purchased. Twice a year, members who have accumulated 500 points or more will earn rewards that are as good as cash at our stores. No worries if you haven’t reached the 500 mark, though – your points will never expire! Also, there is no limit to the rewards you can earn. You earn them, we give them to you! Become a member and start earning your benefits.


Member Benefits

Join online and we’ll mail your membership card to you!

      • Earn 2% back
      • No Reward Limits
      • Points Never Expire
      • Member Exclusive Promotions
        Take advantage of exclusive promotions, including our weekly One Day Deals!
      • Bonus Rewards
        Earn extra points during special product promotions or sales AND for plant purchases made through out Landscape Division.
      • Special Mailings
        Receive mailings throughout the year with shopping incentives and event information.
      • Seminar Discounts
        You’ll receive a 10% discount on Homestead Gardens’ adult education seminars and workshops throughout the year.
      • Subscription to Inspirations Magazine Digital Edition
      • Special Birthday Rewards
      • Extended Tree and Shrub Guarantee
        2 year warranty on trees & shrubs installed by Homestead Gardens.
      • Receipt-less Returns  
      • No Annual Membership Fee
        Garden Rewards membership has no annual membership fee unless you choose to upgrade! You’ll remain a member of the Garden Club as long as you use your card at least once per year.

Gold Level Upgrades

Upgrade currently not available online. See store to upgrade to Gold level membership.

      • Earn 4% back
      • Extended Tree and Shrub Guarantee
        2 year warranty on ALL trees & shrubs.
      • Advance Notice of Sales
        Be the first to know when the deals are hitting our stores!
      • Subscription to Inspirations Magazine Print Edition
      • Exclusive Access to Private Events

Coming Soon…

      • Online Point Tracking
      • Online Purchase History

Reward Points & Annual Awards

Standard 500 points = $10 FREE membership
Gold 500 points = $20 $25 annual membership

      • Points convert to Garden Rewards bi-annually on March 1st and October 1st.
      • If at that time 500 points or more have been accumulated, they will convert to a dollar credit on your card at the following ratios:
        • Standard level: 500 points = $10
        • Gold level: 500 points = $20
      • Rewards expire 60 days after point conversion.
      • Returned items will show as adjusted (deducted) points.
      • Points are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.
      • Email is required in order to participate in the Garden Rewards program.

Terms & Conditions

      • Your Garden Rewards card or associated phone number must be presented to the cashier prior to checkout to ensure your special benefits and privileges.
      • A valid email address is required to participate in the Garden Rewards program. Email will be the sole form of communication to notify you of point conversion.
      • Homestead Gardens is not responsible for delay of notification due to an invalid email address or mail that is sent to spam folders and will not give an extension for rewards redemptions.
      • At Homestead Gardens, we respect your privacy. All information involving the use of your Garden Rewards card will be kept confidential and used solely by Homestead Gardens to provide you with special savings and benefits. Our mailing list is never sold or shared.
      • Homestead Gardens Garden Rewards program is for retail purchases only unless otherwise noted.
      • We reserve the right to change or rescind the Garden Rewards program or benefits at any time.