Shade Perennials & Ground Covers

At Homestead Gardens, we’ve got what you need to make the most of every corner of your property. We know that you can have a beautiful landscape, even if your yard comes with certain tricky spots. That’s why we offer a full selection of shade perennials and ground covers for sale. Our quality plants will add interest to the toughest sections of your property and enhance your yard’s appearance year after year.

Shade Perennials

Don’t leave the shady part of your landscape bare. Brighten any dark corner of your garden with our large selection of shade perennials. We have gorgeous woodland varieties that will bring color and beauty to your yard. We stock plants that offer gorgeous foliage and flowers, but only require three to four hours of direct sun. Some great options available at Homestead Gardens include violas, ferns, geraniums, monkshoods, bleeding hearts (dicentra), Dutchman’s breeches, foxgloves, toad lilies, hostas, and more. These shade perennials offer a combination of stunning foliage and colorful blooms. Many varieties are also deer- and rabbit-resistant for those who struggle with visiting wildlife in the garden.

Plant our shade perennials as a woodland border or around the base of trees. Use them to fill a shaded, struggling flower bed along the back of your home, or any other area that receives less-than-full sun. Make the sheltered spots in your garden some of the greatest points of interest. Visit Homestead Gardens for a wide selection of easy-to-grow shade perennials that will bring stunning color to your garden year after year.

Ground Covers

Ground cover plants are extremely useful in landscape design. They offer both beauty and extreme practicality. Ground covers are perfect for those areas of your lawn that are too steep or rough to mow. They also make excellent edges for flower beds, driveways, and paths. Additionally, they’re helpful for weed suppression around trees, shrubs, and other perennial plantings.

We offer a variety of perennial ground covers at Homestead Gardens. You’ll find a plant to meet your landscaping needs. We carry ground covers that will tolerate full sun and shade, as well as light, moderate, and heavy traffic. A few of our favorites are creeping thyme, creeping phlox, sedum, heuchera, plumbago, and brass buttons. We offer healthy, productive plants that will multiply and spread naturally, helping you cover large areas with gorgeous plants. The Homestead Gardens staff knows ground covers! Come in and talk to them about what ground cover is right for your yard.

Fall Color: Foliage to Light Up the Fall Garden

Plant now to get ornamental grasses established. Enjoy their changing fall colors and enjoy their seed heads through the winter. Bonus: They provide habitat and food for wildlife through the winter, and you get a head start on next spring!

Heuchera add color and texture to the garden. The perfect foliage accent for any garden or container. Not to mention now is the time to plant shady areas with ferns. A fuss free plant that will add a lush layer to any shady garden

Perennial of the Year (2020): Aralia ‘Sun King’

With height and chartreuse foliage, Aralia ‘Sun King’ illuminates the shade garden. Just one more example of how foliage can compete with any bloom in the garden for beauty.

I love the place. Plain and simple. Nursery stock, annuals, perennials are wonderful year after year. Melody W.