Modern Homesteading

Introducing Modern Homesteading….

You don’t need a yard to cultivate a garden — you can have it all indoors.

Gardening has many benefits. From putting healthy, fresh food on the table and enjoying the beauty of nature to getting exercise.

New technology has allowed people to get growing regardless of where they live, their age or the weather outside. Here at Homestead Gardens we have embraced these advances and are excited by the opportunities they present – introducing new people to the joys and benefits of cultivating a garden. That is why we have built an entirely new department dedicated to these gardening technologies – Modern Homesteading.

Homeowners, apartment dwellers and others will find everything they need to get started, from the growing medium, to grow lights, and nutrition. Gardening enthusiasts will find growing systems to cultivate their hobby into a passion.

Grow your own way – whether it’s a veggie garden on the balcony of your apartment, starting seeds in the garage, or a pot of herbs on the kitchen counter. No matter your reasons – whether for health or hobby – Homestead’s NEW Modern Homesteading department makes it easy.

Find everything you need to Grow Your Own Way..

  • Rooting & Seed Starting
  • Hydroponic Supplies
  • Composting
  • Growing Medium
  • Beekeeping
  • Nutrients & Supplements
  • Lighting Components
  • Pots, Propagation & Containers
  • & so much more!

Meet Kyle…..

Our Indoor Gardening Specialist!

>> Why are you passionate about growing indoors?
When you grow your own food indoors, you are in control of everything! With the right tools and skills, you can grow sustainably, skip the hassle of grocery shopping and eat fresh no matter the season. It’s the future of gardening!

>> What’s the biggest benefit of gardening indoors?
The primary benefit is that an indoor garden is not climate reliant and is adaptible to any size space – from a kitchen counter to the garage.

>> Why should people start an indoor garden?
Why not dive into a hobby that provides safe, healthy food you and your family love to eat at a lower cost?

>> How can Homestead help people grow successfully?
Our Modern Homesteading department is a one-stopshop with a wide selection of products for indoor gardens of any size or shape. However, it’s the expertise and education from industry experts that make the department truly unique.

>> What does your own indoor garden look like?
I grow anything and everything. Tropical shrubs and trees are more my style, but I never say no to a new method or new plant. This year, I grew bonsais. But I also grow all my leafy greens, herbs and veggies indoors, since Maryland’s wild weather patterns make outdoor gardening challenging for a workaholic like me.