Chick Availability 2017

We are excited to once again offer live chicks for sale in our Farm & Pet department! See below for Spring 2017 breed availability and arrival dates.

Limited quantities! Actual day of arrival will vary. Please call the store to confirm availability.


Week of March 13th

Araucana SOLD OUT!
Blue Andalusian SOLD OUT!
Barred Rock SOLD OUT!
Black Australorp SOLD OUT!
Buff Orpington SOLD OUT!
Delaware SOLD OUT!
Rhode Island Red SOLD OUT!
Light Brahma SOLD OUT!

Week of March 27th

Silver Laced Wyandotte
White Crested Black Polish
Blue Cochins
Speckled Sussex
Golden Polish
Red Star

Week of April 4th

Partridge Cochin
Columbian Wyandotte
Buff Rock
White Rock
Light Brahma
Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock
Buff Laced Polish
Golden Polish

Week of April 17th

Red Star
Speckled Sussex
Buff Orpington
Blue Andalusian
Buff Cochrin
Barred Rock
New Hampshire Red

Week of April 24th

Barred Rock
Buff Orpington


Ducks coming in May! Stay tuned for details.